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J9九游会首页登录|九游会app— 报刊时文素材积累-Get your vaccine shot

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本文摘要:拇指英语说, 分享英语学习心得,技巧和方法。让英语学习变得更有趣,更简朴。 在英语学习中,阅读是学生获得英语知识,提高英语能力与素养的重要途径。通过阅读,学生们可以增强语感、积淀文化知识,提高学生跨文化外交能力,从而整体提高他们的英语综合能力。为增加阅读素材的多元化,拇指英语说特推出“报刊时文阅读素材积累系列”。众所周知,报刊阅读的质料内容富厚,真实感和时效性强,语言隧道,话题轻松生动,贴近学生生活。


拇指英语说, 分享英语学习心得,技巧和方法。让英语学习变得更有趣,更简朴。



按阅读难度,分为一星(小学高年级),二星(初中低年级)和三星(初中高年级)。泉源】Teens[主题语境】社会热点[难度系数】 ***Get your vaccine shot (疫苗打起来!)COVID-19 vaccines are being rolled out all over the world. Get your vaccine shotThe COVID-19 virus is still spreading around the world. It hangs over all of us. But some good news about vaccines for COVID-19 is bringing us closer to ending this terrible pandemic. On Dec 8, the UK rolled out a vaccine made by Pfizer and BioNTech. The US started its own COVID-19 vaccine rollout nationwide on Dec 14, Xinhua reported.China will start vaccinating high-risk groups over the winter, Zeng Yixin, deputy head of the National Health Commission, said at a press conference on Dec 19. This means that those who work in the cold-chain industry, healthcare, customs, seafood markets and public transportation are among those who will receive the vaccine first. Their work puts them at higher risk of being infected. This is the first step in China’s COVID-19 vaccination plan, Zeng said. As more vaccines are approved and produced, elderly people, people with underlying conditions and the general public will receive vaccines in an orderly manner. China’s COVID-19 vaccines can offer effective protection for at least six months, Zeng pointed out. Vaccination trials have shown that the vaccines are safe and effective. As for those who are not among the first to receive vaccines, officials at the NHC said there’s no need to worry. “Wearing masks in public places, practicing social distance and washing hands are protective measures that have been proven to be very effective,” said Cui Gang, a senior NHC official. 【Treasure Box] 1. vaccine: 疫苗2. roll out: 推出3. the National Health Commission: NHC, 国家卫生康健委员会4. cold-chain industry 冷链行业5. healthcare: 医疗6. customs: 海关7. seafood markets: 海鲜市场8. public transportation: 公共交通运输9. infect: 熏染10. approve:批准11. underlying conditions: 基础疾病12. trial:实验 难句剖析 This means that those who work in the cold-chain industry, healthcare, customs, seafood markets and public transportation are among those who will receive the vaccine first. 释义:这意味着冷链行业、医疗卫生、海关、海鲜市场和公共交通领域的事情人员将会在第一批接种疫苗的人的名单中。点拨:本句是一个复合句。

that 引导的是宾语从句,作动词 mean 的宾语。而在这个宾语从句中,有两个由 who 引导的定语从句,划分修饰两个代词 those,说明是什么样的人。

among 是介词,表现“在……之间,在……之中,是……之一”。Two children were among a group of visitors who helped the couple. 【Reading Comprehension] Choose the answer: 1. When did US vaccinations start?A. On Dec 8. B. On Dec 14. C. On Dec 19. D. On Dec 22. 2. Who will be among the first to be vaccinated in China?A. Healthcare workers. B. Patients in hospitals.C. Elderly people. D. Taxi drivers. 3. What is the story mainly about?A. The production of COVID-19 vaccines. B. Risks of receiving COVID-19 vaccines.C. The rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. D. The trials of COVID-19 vaccines. Keys: 1. B 2. A 3. C喜欢我的文章,接待关注和转发。